State Treasurer Weighs in on Income Tax Hike Debate

ROCKFORD -- Illinois temporararily hiked income taxes to help pay its bills and is now even deeper in debt. So, should the tax hike be made permanent?

ROCKFORD -- Illinois temporarily hiked income taxes to help pay its bills and now, is even deeper in debt. So
should the tax hike be made permanent?

State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford says “no” but also says the state needs to be smarter about taxing and budgeting.

"So I don't want it to stay but realistically, there may need to be a discussion of some form of revenue in the position to put Illinois
back into a financially solvent situation,” said Rutherford (R).  “But I''ll tell you what, I will not sign any bill into law that will generate revenue that does not fit into a comprehensive package for the financial situation of our state."

Rutherford notes that the tax currently generates $5 billion of a $35 billion dollar state budget.

If you want to hear more from him, he'll be at a campaign event tomorrow at the American Legion in South Beloit at 10am.

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