Stateline Shoppers Hit the Stores for After Christmas Deals

ROCKFORD- Stateline retailers see another day of big crowds of bargain hunters.
ROCKFORD- The signs of great deals were everywhere aimed at attracting the last flock of shoppers before the end of the year.
Big crowds -- but the slashed price tags didn't add up to the kind of business retailers were seeing before Christmas.

"I came here the day before Christmas and it was packed like their was no parking at all and there's still a lot of people here but I think there was more before Christmas," said Anna Raimondi.

Those who were hitting the stores were stateliners who got a little green this Christmas and shoppers who waited for after Christmas sales.
"I got some money for Christmas mostly not so much presents so looking to spend it today I guess," said Abby Wellwood.

Through bright signs of deals retailers compete for shoppers before the end of the year.
"Every store, almost every single store we went to has a sale on. They're like a lot better than before Christmas," said Raimondi.

Looking for great prices on electronics some headed to best buy and were not disappointed.
"I got money from relatives so I was really excited to see like the after christmas sales," said Raimondi. 

"I think the best deals are probably after Christmas because they're trying to get rid of everything so I think that's the best deal,"said Emilia Hickey.

I just love it because of all the sales, said Raimondi.
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