The BBB Releases Its Top 10 Scams of 2013

ROCKFORD - The Better Business Bureau unveiled its top ten scams of 2013.
ROCKFORD - The Better Business Bureau unveiled its toop ten scams of 2013.

Topping last year's list includes advance fee brokers. The attractive advertisements look appealing, but are illegal.

2.Many work-from-home opportunities are scams, so be on guard.

3.Credit repair services asking for money in advance. These operations cannot automatically remove negative reports from your credit.

4. Any lottery from a foreign country is illegal in the United States.

5. Office supplies sold by deceptive telemarketing. This scam features fake invoices for office supplies being sent to a business.

6. Prize Promotions. This scam says winner's need to provide personal information, such as credit card information, then no prize is awarded in return.

7. Paving, Painting, & Home Improvement by "Traveling" Workers. Never pay upfront to a "traveling" contractor who just happens to be in the neighborhood, is doing work nearby, or has extra materials.

8. Pyramid Schemes. These scams collapse because payouts exceed investments or legal authorities prosecute the organizers for sale of unregistered securities.

9. Sweepstakes. Be suspicious if you don't remember entering a sweepstakes.

10. Debt Relief Services. If an offer seems to good to be true, it probably is.
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