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Solar eclipse, sugar addiction, and why dogs wag their tails.
WTVO / WQRF – Folks on the east coast were in for quite a treat this morning. They were able to see an "annular total eclipse" in which the sun looks like a ring-of-fire. It's been nearly 13 years since anyone in the U.S. has been able to see a solar eclipse. The next one will be in 2017.

Does sugar have the same addictive properties of drugs? Well--only if you have what some doctors call "food addiction". These people have fewer dopamine receptors in the brain which is also a characteristic drug addicts have. However only a small percentage of people truly have this addiction.

How do dogs react when they see a peer wag their tail? Well--apparently it depends! Italian researchers found that when dogs see other canines wagging their tails to the left--the observer becomes anxious. But when dogs wag their tales to the right--the fellow canine becomes calm and even perceives it as a sign of companionship.
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