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The largest squid in the world washes ashore, illegal drugs are cheaper & stronger, and a neat, new robot.

WTVO / WQRF – Imagine being the person that found this guy.  The largest squid in the world washed ashore in Spain this week. It's 30 feet long and weighs over 400 lbs. The giant squid not only boasts being the largest invertebrate in the world, it also has the largest eyes in the entire animal kingdom.  They can be as big as a human head.


And bad news for the war on drugs: cocaine, heroin and marijuana have become cheaper and stronger in the past two decades. This all despite an increase in authorities fighting the drug market.  Researchers found that the purity of heroin increased 60%, cocaine by 11%, and marijuana by a whopping 160%.  Meanwhile, prices fell nearly 80%.


Finally, meet Wildcat. This is the latest robot from the company Boston Dynamics. The four-legged creation can sprint up to 16 mph and has quick maneuverability.  The owner of the company hopes that Wildcat can be used for firefighting and rescue efforts while also serving helpful roles in the farming industry and military.

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