What Cell Phone Users Will Need for the New Year

ROCKFORD- A new cell phone law has stateliners hitting the stores for hands free devices.

ROCKFORD- Rockford's Verizon store is packed with customers and it's not just post-holiday shoppers. Many are here to pick up hands-free devices -- now that Illinois is about to ban using handheld cell phones while driving. Retail Sales Manager Brandon Poe says a lot of drivers are looking for options.

"The new law is a big part of it but mainly we just want to make sure our customer base just the general public is safe while using their devices in vehicles. It's obviously become an increasing issue in the marketplace."

Customers can expect to spend anywhere from $24 to $150 dollars for hands-free devices. Aside from price here are some features to look for: "Dual mic technology where echo control comes into play and also noise canceling for other things that are going on around you. Size is also a factor as well with these guys you can see they're relatively small," said Poe.

And, Poe says he's seeing a lot of customers before the cell phone ban goes into effect but expects to see even more afterward.
"Before January yes. But I think also as law enforcement starts to really crack down. I think you're going to start to see another influx of traffic as well. Just because people will start paying the consequences for not being safe."

And if they aren't hands-free while driving -- cell phone users can face fines starting at $75 dollars.

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