White Out Conditions For Truck Drivers

In these terrible winter weather conditions ALL drivers need to follow the rules of the road...and that includes truck drivers. Although trucks are built to handle it, that doesn't always make it an easy ride.

Road conditions arevery dangerous right now and with snow blowing all over the road it has become a huge distraction to drivers...current visibility is extremely limited  and with truck drivers who are used to poor road conditions calling this a "white out"...we are in for a dangerous night of driving.Most of us see semi trucks as the kings of the road...but even truck drivers have a hard time getting around in these snowy conditions... trucker Frank Bronge the winds are getting stronger and the snow is starting to blow across the roads and I have been in many spots that its basically a white out a white out that is not going anywhere...causing multiple crashes where many vehicles have ended up at the local auto repair shop... Mike Ognibene the owner of Benny and Sons auto shop here in Rockford says “people going into ditches um small minor crashes because of the icy roads have been so bad lately”. With truck drivers almost always carrying some type of precious cargo ...they never get a snow day...forcing them to use defensive driving tactics on the roads. Mark Olson who is a local trucker says it is important to “pay attention to the other drivers that’s what you have to do give yourself room and make sure you are watching what they are doing because a lot of times...they don’t know what they are doing.” There really is only one thing that you can do...and that is to slow down. “Be safe and keep yourdistance leave enough room in between don’t tailgate ...don’t be cutting people off.”

Reported By: Alexis McAdams

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