Bears Marshall Frustrated

Bears receiver Brandon Marshall is happy with the team's two game losing streak, and his recent lack of involvement in the offense.
CHICAGO-The Bears have a two game losing streak, and Brandon Marshall has been a very quiet man in those two losses. It’s not a coincidence. The Bears have to find a way to get their playmaker going again. 

Last year Marshall was the focal point of the Bears offense. So much so that some people felt the Bears targeted him too much. Now the Bears are having a hard time getting him the ball at all.

"You now as a receiver you always want the ball, because you think that you can help the offense or the team move the ball down the field. So the past four weeks have been frustrating," says Marshall.

The last three weeks Marshall has averaged only five catches and 53 yards per game.  And he’s scored one touchdown. He’s been seeing more and more double teams.

"They (the Saints) were doubling him in the slot, down in the redzone," says Jay Cutler. "They were doubling him on top and down the field. They decided that hey it’s not gonna happen. They were going to take him out of the ball game."

"I’ve got to do a better job of putting myself in a position to beat double coverage, and try to make myself quarterback friendly, so I can try to make a play for our offense," says Marshall.

"We’ve targeted him frequently," says Bears coach Marc Trestman. "He was the most targeted guy in the first month of the season. When we don’t (target him), again that starts with me. I’ve got to do a better job of getting him involved."

In the past when Marshall was frustrated it showed in his body language. That’s something he’s trying to tone down and even eliminate altogether.

"I kind of let myself down and the guys around me with my body language," says Marshall. "So I got better at that today. They (the Saints) took me out of the game. That’s one positive for myself. I just try to keep my head up."

The upside to Marshall being shut down is the fact that’s left Alshon Jeffery free to make big plays. He had 218 yards in receptions Sunday. That’s a Bears record.

"It’s just awesome to see the guy mature right before our eyes," says Marshall. "I’ve always said this guy can be one of the best to have ever done it. He’s probably going to shatter all the Bears records by the time he’s done."

Cutler has no doubt Marshall will be making big plays again soon enough.

"B’s gonna get his. He’s just got to keep trusting us," says Cutler.
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