Bears Move On Without Melton

The Bears will have to make due without defensive tackle Henry Melton.
LAKE FOREST-The Bears defense ranks top 10 in pass and run defense once again, and at the heart of that is defensive tackle Henry Melton. After Melton’s season ending knee injury just three games into the year, the defense just won’t be the same.

“We’re gonna miss him man. He has a lot of days with rehab and all that. For me, I just gotta stay positive. Injuries will come," says Bears defensive tackle Stephen Paea.

“The next guy has to step up. You know, it’s a loss we take with Henry Melton and all that he’s brought to the team but it just gives another guy an opportunity to showcase his talent," says Bears cornerback Tim Jennings.

Although losing Melton hurt, the Bears have more Pro Bowlers on their defense and more talent on their line. They hope that depth will allow them to absorb Melton’s injury moving forward.

“Everybody has to be ready to make a play. It’s not about the individual guy. It’s about the defense executing the defense and having the ability to do your job,” says Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker.

“It’s a team effort on that defense and everybody on that defense is a ballhawk. They’re a top five defense for a reason," says Bears offensive tackle Jordan Mills.

Although there is an abundance of options on the defensive line, it remains to be seen whether Melton can be replaced or if his absence will be sorely felt as 2013 continues.

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