Bears-Steelers Preview

Peter Fleischer previews the Bears-Steelers game in our Bear Blitz report.
LAKE FOREST-When the Bears head to Pittsburgh this weekend for their first road game of the season, there’s one big target that they know that have to deal with. Emphasis on big; as in Big Ben Roethlisberger.

“We gotta hit him in the mouth and make him feel uncomfortable, make him feel us and our presence," says Bears defensive tackle Stephen Paea.

“He’s just a great playmaker and it’s going to take everyone from the d-lineman, linebackers and secondary with rush and coverage and get it done," says Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker.

Terrible Towels or not, it doesn’t look like the Bears are facing a powerhouse team when they visit Pittsburgh this weekend. The Steelers rank 30th in scoring offense and just 17th in scoring defense after an 0-2 start. But despite the Steelers early struggles, don’t expect the Bears to take things easy when they travel to Pittsburgh.

“We’re very tempered, we’re not going to get caught up in the hype of what happens this early in the season," says head coach Marc Trestman.

Strategically, the Bears will have to deal with their first 3-4 defense of the season – adjustments will have to be made across the board.

“They start blitzing and everything changes," says running back Matt Forte. "It just makes it more difficult that way. I would say mostly, the NFL runs 4-3s, so you get a 3-4 team, you have to study the 3-4.”

“There’s nothing like going against a Steelers 34," says Trestman. "It’s a very good defense conceptually and structurally and they’ve got the guys to get it done.”

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