Gone Fishing At Daytona

When the racing dies down at Daytona International the fishing often picks up.
DAYTONA, FLORIDA-Daytona International Speedway has a number of unique qualities: Steep banking, great sightlines.  Most unusual? There is a lake in the middle of the infield.

Lake Lloyd is a big part of this fabled track's history, named after one of its founding father's, Jay Saxton Lloyd.

"It's a unique property and one of the unique things about this more than 500 acre property is 29 acre Lake Lloyd.  When they built the high banks back in the 1950's, late 1950's when they were building the speedway, they had to get dirt from inside the track to create the 31 degree banks and that is how Lake Lloyd got created."

The Lake is stocked with fish, thousands of them.  It's a major perk of camping in the infield.

"What's so wonderful about Daytona, being in the infield, is that you can come out here and fish, have a great time and watch racing or testing.  The other day I was out here fishing and I caught a pretty nice sized Cat, about a four pounder, and a guy is shaking on my shoulder and I'm going 'wait a minute, wait a minute', and pretty soon he's asking me what I'm using for bit and I turn around and it's Greg Biffle."

The Lake goes as deep as sixty feet and they even have waterski shows on it.
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