Daytona Ride Along

Our Daytona 500 reporter John Kucko takes us on the track.
DAYTONA, FLORIDA-Imagine being able to ride around NASCAR's most famous tracks.  Fans can pay about $140 for three laps. And as I found out, it's the ride of a lifetime.

Having signed my life away, clad in my fire suit and with my vaunted Google Glasses ready to roll, riding shotgun at Daytona was pretty cool.
This is a lap at Daytona International Speedway.  This is quite a thrill, hold on for a good ride.

The Richard Petty ride along experience is as good as it gets and fans come from all over, even Europe, to do it.

"I've just done the Richard Petty driving experience, which was awesome.  Formula One fan rather than NASCAR, but this is something else.  The G force in the turns, the power, the excitement--brilliant."

"It was amazing, had a great driver named Ed, who would kiss the wall.  It was amazing, well worth the money.  I'd pay it, let's go back around one more time."
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