Lynch Looking Forward To Heisman Journey

NIU quarterback Jordan Lynch is looking forward to his trip to New York.

DEKALB-The NIU Huskies were BCS Bowl busters last year when they went to the Orange Bowl. This year NIU quarterback Jordan Lynch is a Heisman Buster as the first Mid-American Conference player ever to be invited to New York for the Heisman ceremony.

Lynch was all smiles Tuesday when he met with the media to share his good news about his invitation to New York. He first got that good news at shortly before five o'clock on Monday from his head coach.

"I got a call from coach Carey asking me what I’m doing this weekend. Asking me if I want to hang out in New York, so that’s how I found out," says Lynch.

Lynch’s first move was to try to contact his family, but that didn’t work out so well.

"I called my mom right away and what do you know her cell phone is dead,"says Lynch. "She’s at work and her phone is dead, so I’m kind of mad as it is. I want to call her and tell her. So I call my dad and he didn’t pick up. No one picks up their phone."

But word spread to the Lynch family soon enough.  And now Lynch is excited about making his first trip ever to New York.

"It’ll be a great exposure being at the Big  Apple," says Lynch. "That’s what they call it right?"

"Being there it’ll be awesome being around the other candidates and best players in the world."

"We’re really excited for him," says NIU coach Rod Carey. "Obviously his body of work this year speaks for itself. I’m really glad he got the invitation for him."

Lynch set four NCAA records this season including the most yards rushing in a game by a quarterback and the most rushing yards in a season by a quarterback.  And to think he probably wouldn’t have had a chance to play quarterback in college were it not for former NIU coach Jerry Kill.

"Coach Kill was the only guy (coach) coming out of high school that would give me a shot to play quarterback," says Lynch.

And now as the first member of a Mid-American Conference school to get invited to the Heisman Ceremony Lynch has shown that there can be a spot on college football’s biggest stage for someone from a smaller school.

"It goes to show you there’s great football everywhere," says Lynch. "If you can play football you can play no matter what level it is."

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