Jefferson Packs It In

Jefferson has decided to forfeit the rest of their football games.
ROCKFORD-There have been a lot of dark football seasons at Jefferson.  This one has the darkest ending of all.   Three final games that will never be played.

"It’s extremely disappointing. It’s definitely not a good thing anytime you’re talking about something like this for the program," says head coach Patrick Babcock.

Babcock says it comes down to not having enough upper classmen committed to the program.  Many of them have bailed on practice in recent weeks.

"The most frustrating thing abit it has been the fact that we didn’t’ have these issues a year ago with the same guys, and I can’t wrap my head around what’s going on," says Babcock.

Babcock says there were only 10 or 11 varsity players left…not enough to field a team without risking the health of those remaining or those underclassmen who might have been pulled up from the sophomore team.

"It doesn’t matter who we’re talking about them going up against on Friday night. We can’t go out there with ten or 11 guys and expect to get out of there alive," says Babcock.

The sophomore team will play out it’s schedule. That has Babcock convinced that there will be varsity football here next year.  But he knows he has a lot of work ahead of him this winter recruiting players within the walls of Jefferson.

"The big thing is we’ve got to get guys that are more committed and do a better job of identifying those guys earlier," says Babcock.

Babcock says he feels bad for Jefferson’s remaining two opponents Harlem and Belvidere North.

"There’s not much else you can say other than I’m sorry," says Babcock. "You know it’s really embarrassing for our program, but hopefully at the end of the day when you get done talking to those guys and that type of thing they’ll understand why the decision was made."
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