Green drinks for St. Paddy's Day

St. Pat’s is coming up. So it’s time to decide, how green do you want to be?

Green and Sober

In this scenario, you remember to carry your reusable water bottle. If your Klean Kanteen were green that would be keen. But any reusable bottle will do.

Green and Tipsy

If you’re looking to imbibe, there’s the traditional green beer, a staple at Irish parades everywhere. You can make it at home with green food dye. It is best showcased in a chilled clear glass mug.

Green as in Apple Green

Of course, there’s your ‘Green Apple Surprise’, made with Midori Green Apple Liquor and tequila or vodka or rum. Midori is happy to oblige with recipes. But these sweeties can really go down easy, so drink responsibly. Make it greener with organic liquors…

Super Green — and also Tipsy

Organic Kiwi Crush

Organic Kiwi Crush

Here’s a drink that could satisfy all your green yearnings on St. Paddy’s: The Kiwi Crush. The recipe is green as can be. Take 2 oz. of Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka and add it to a mix of half an organic kiwi and half of an organic lime smushed together with 1 tsp. organic sugar. Make sure the mixture is well “muddled” and juicy. Add crushed ice, shake vigorously and pour into a glass. Drink with straws (so the fruit mush doesn’t end up on your chin).

Thanks to Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka for that recipe. Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka, introduced in 2009, is made in Rigby, Idaho from organic winter wheat. It’s kosher and USDA certified Organic. We didn’t know.


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