Man lives in Texas without car…really!

From Green Right Now Reports

From the shocking but true file comes the tale of Kevin Sharpe, whose story could be on the Discovery Channel. If it were, they’d have to call it Man vs. Metroplex. You see, Kevin lives in Dallas with no car. (We’ll pause while that sinks in fully.)

You can picture the episodes, as Kevin is dropped into various locations around the sprawling Metroplex and  has to navigate home using nothing more than mass transit. Just try that, Bear Grylls.

Sharpe’s real-life accomplishments are indeed notable.  Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T) just selected him a winner in a contest in which customers submitted stories focusing on how they “stopped talking out of their tailpipes” and started using public transportation.

Kevin Sharpe, an avid DART rider, won a luxury hotel stay at the Hotel Palomar in Dallas and dinner at Central 214. You can follow his exploits on his blog, DFWDartDude.

Fort Worth resident and full-time rider of The T Shonna Walker also won a luxury hotel stay at the Worthington in Fort Worth and dinner at Vidalia’s. Aubra Thomas from Carrollton relies on DCTA’s services and won a regional transit pass.

The contest was part of a national effort to promote transit ridership and encourage support for expanded transit choices. Winning entries have been shared with other transit agencies around the country to help educate commuters and policymakers on the benefits of transit: job creation, helping the environment, energy conservation and improved quality of life.


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