A Gruesome Train Accident in South Beloit

- A gruesome train accident in South Beloit leaves a man in critical condition. Now, Emergency Responders are trying to piece together just how it happened.

Emergency responders and a rescue helicopter were on the scene only minutes after a Canadian Pacific Railroad employee was hit by a train.   It happened around 6:30 am on railroad tracks along the Rock River in South Beloit. The victim is described as a man in his forties.

Robert Ciarpaglini heard about the incident near his home and rushed to the scene, "I was 2 blocks away and there was no one else down here to read the situation, and I just wanted to see if the man was going to survive this horrific accident. It was a very gruesome situation."

It was especially gruesome because one of the man’s legs was severed below the knee. The accident happened as the worker was in the yard moving rail cars.

"He informed us that he went down. He didn't really know at that point what had happened. He went down by the tracks with the train, and we just started working on him right then and there," adds Shawna Henthorn, a Firefighter and a Paramedic for the South Beloit Fire Department.

And, although he was conscious, Henthorn says the worker was clearly critically hurt, "We don't typically have a whole lot of incidents with the railroad workers or the railroad in general. This is a very rare situation."

Eyewitness news reached out to Canadian Pacific for more information, and their spokesperson released a statement saying:
"CP's concern and support are currently with the injured employee and his family, that is our railroad's focus. At the appropriate time, an investigation will confirm the circumstances that resulted in the accident. Again, our railroad's concern remains with the employee and his family."

Ciarpaglini agrees, "My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family."

This accident is under investigation.

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