A Hallucinogenic Plant Smuggled Into the Rock County Prison


JANESVILLE - Jail staff noticed an inmate acting "strange."

The incident happened at 11pm Monday.  Correctional Staff conducted a medical examination after an inmate was acting strange in the Jail housing unit.

It was determined the inmate ate jimson weed, as well as five others.  All of them were transported to Mercy Hospital where they were admitted for treatment.

Guards didn't find any other jimsonweed after searching the housing unit.  Investigators are trying to determine if any illegal activity occurred and if the incident was deliberate or accidental.

Officials from the Rock County Sheriff’s Department say the plant was smuggled in by four inmates who found it while doing community service in a nearby garden.

Doctors say eating the plant is becoming a trend, but the side effects could be deadly. Thomas Schiller from SwedishAmerican Hospital says “it can affect your breathing, it can affect your kidney functions, it can affect your heart rate, actually increasing your heart rate.

Officials are beefing up security going forward. They say they are also educating inmates on the dangers of jimson weed.

No inmates will be allowed to work in the garden until the investigation is complete.

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