A Historic Aircraft Hits the Stateline

The B-17 World War Two Aircraft has arrived in the Stateline. Organizers gave us a sneak peak inside, and took us for a ride.


Crew Chief Bill Hooten says "the B-17 played such a huge part in winning the war because they were there and did so many bombings and air missions.


The Aircraft earned the nickname "The Flying Fortress" because of the amount of guns it has. Thirteen fifty caliber machine guns on board. This aircraft is truly a rare gem.


Pilot Ken Morris says "it's only one of about eight or ten that are still together. Most of them, over five thousand of them were lost in combat.


Local Air Force Veteran Charles Harker flew a B-17 plane during World War Two.


Harker says "it's a very tough airplane. And one of the best and toughest airplanes built. It got me through because I got shot up badly, and still got back.


He's honored to ride it once again in the Stateline.


Harker says "well I'm glad to be here. I love seeing this stuff. It brings back old memories."


Aviation runs in the blood of many of the crew members. So being able to fly the B-17 is a labor of love for them.


Hooten says "it's a privilege. It's a absolute privilege to get to work on this airplane, to get to fly this airplane. I mean you're absolutely flying a piece of history."


If you are interested in taking a flight this weekend, half hour flights begin tomorrow at 10am through 1pm.  They cost Four hundred and seventy five dollars to ride.


Ground tours are from two to five and are ten dollars. They will work the same schedule this whole weekend. It truly is an amazing experience.

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