A Snowy Winter Followed by Spring Rains Could Be Damaging to Your Roof.

You'll probably be seeing more of this this time of  year. (see attached video) A very snowy and icy winter will be followed by spring rains soon and that combination can be very damaging to your roof.

"This past winter with the level of snow build up we've had a lot of ice damming on roofs were the edge of the roof freezes ice builds up and then after works its way into the roofing system and eventually into the house," said Bob Raleigh President of Kanga Roof. 

Illinois was one of the ten states with the most water related claims last year according to a State Farm study. Agent Brian Boyer a State Farm agent says last year was worse than usual.

"Last year we had a lot of spring rains and then in prior years. Again, I would say it's not trending upwards every single year. Some winters are dry winters so it depends on winter and spring," said Boyer. 

So what about this year? Boyer says it's too early to tell but those who are concerned should ask about additional coverage.

"Homeowners policy generally excludes ground water damages so because of that there's two things you can do you can buy a policy from the federal government called the flood policy that covers for floods. Most local agents can offer that policy. In addition, you can get coverage from a sewer and drain backup," said Boyer. 

And he says there's other simple solutions homeowners can take to protect their property.

"I always encourage people to take precautions. It doesn't make sense to have boxes in basements right on the floor. If you can have them up a little bit that's always smart," said Boyer.

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