A Stateline Dog Becomes A Semi-Finalist For A Prestigious Award

This playful two-year old yellow lab named Glory seems like any other dog. (see attached video)
But she's much more. Glory is an Arson Dog for the Beloit Fire Department and a semi-finalist in the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

"She's by far the best dog I've had out of the three."

She's been at the station for less than a year and has already helped with 14 fire investigations.

But her handler Lieutenant Keith Lynn says it's not Glory's ability to help solve fire investigations that makes her a hero dog. 

"As a firefighter, paramedic in this line of business even with law enforcement there's a lot of things that we see that affect us emotionally and a lot of times what happens is the dog actually helps take some of that stress away and helps us deal with it. So, to me that's where she's a hero dog," said Lynn. 

Glory didn't need any specific training.

"She prepared for it by being a dog," said Lynn.

But she's been training to be a service dog since she was born. 

"As far as being an Arson Dog actually she started out in an assistance program so she was kind of trained how to take things off covers, open up doors. She was trained for a handicap person," said Lynn. 

Even though Glory seems like a perfect dog one of her defects- separation anxiety- helped make her the skilled dog she is now.

They put her in the Arson Dog program and that's were her personality excelled because they depend so much on the handler. And this handler says Glory deserves your vote.

"If people want to support glory basically go to hero dog website and just vote for glory," said Lynn.

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