A Walk For Justice to Stop Rockford Violence

You could see it in their faces. A community still hurt two years after a fire that killed Natasha Cleary and her sons Marquwon and Katarion. They walked with balloons not only for the family, but to put a stop to Rockford crime.


Hurt family members say they are still searching for answers to the murder. Natasha's brother Ricky Crayton says "we still have not found justice. No family should have to go through this."

Ricky Crayton still thinks about the fire that murdered his sister and two nephews. His sister at the time was attending school with dreams of being a hair stylist. Crayton says a positive person's life was taken too soon. Crayton says "if you setting your life the right way and it is going the right way, why would anybody want to come and take it away just that easy."


Now Crayton and his brother can only wonder what would have happened if they were there. "I wish I was there that day. If I was there that day I don't think she would be in the place that she is. Regardless, we got a lot of family members, I don't think it would have went down the way it did. We would've been there to protect our sister." Crayton says.


Hannah Krause was Marquwon's best friend. She is still feeling the pain of losing a friend at such a young age. Krause says "it's very hard because you never know it can happen to you anytime so you never know."


After the speeches, hugs and tears, it was time to let go of their balloons to spread the word around the Stateline to stop the violence. Crayton says "if you hear anything about any type of crimes or murders around the area, you should come out and just let it be known."


Family members say they will not be at peace until they find out who murdered Natasha and her children.

If you have any information on the fire, you can reach the family by email at choosenangels@gmail.com.

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