A Week Later Seward Residents Are Moving On

A live band performs for Seward Residents during their annual ice cream social. It's showing a town coming together just a week after they were evacuated due to a fire at the town's Nova Kem Plant.


Stateliners feasting on hot dogs, sandwiches, and of course ice cream. It was quite the change from a week ago.


Seward Township resident Barb MacQueen says "the event that happened last weekend was difficult for everyone but it doesn't have to be the end. Our community has a lot to be thankful for."


Residents say they are happy the town is returning back to normal, and they can get


Seward Township Supervisor Garet Stahl says "everybody is in a good mood today, it's a good fellowship. Everybody is all happy to be around. Friends are coming around."


And this town prides itself on the strength of the community.


Stahl says "when we have something to go wrong out here, it isn't too long before we're regrouped and looking on the positive side to make it better then what it was before."


And that close knit bond within the community is what brought Stateliner Scott Whitney and his wife back to the township.


Whitney says "we moved back here after being away from home after college we brought our children back here because we wanted them to grow up in this community."  


Naturally, in a town with less than one thousand people, there will be a little chatter about the incident. But residents are moving forward and focusing on the positives.


Whitney says "there won't be a lot of talk about what happened last week, a little bit but not too much. Like I've said, we're upbeat people, we move on."

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