A Win For Fido! Animal Abusers get their Fines Doubled

- Rockford- It’s a win for Fido! Governor Pat Quinn signs a new law doubling fines for animal abusers. First offenders will now face a hundred dollar fine, second offenders will face a one thousand dollar fine, and it will be twenty-five hundred for third time offenders.  

The bill is devoted to fighting puppy mills, but some local animal rights activists feel it’s not enough. Kathy Mehelko of Angels 4 Animals says “a thousand dollars (fine) to someone who is making one thousand, two thousand, three thousand dollars off of a puppy is not much of a deterrent.”

Mehelko wants to see the Department of Agriculture have stricter definitions of what a puppy mill is, she also says the department of agriculture does not have enough workers to fully crack down or puppy mills. 

Senator Dave Syverson thinks that can be resolved by having workers pull double duty. Syverson says “they have people in that department who could be cross-trained that could be doing that while they’re doing other inspections in that area as well.”

Both Syverson and Mehelko say animal abusers usually get off with a slap on the wrist in court, and they want examples made out of the violators.

Governor Quinn is creating the Illinois Pet Advocacy Task Force. The task force will study issues of animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse. They will then make recommendations to ensure proper treatment and care of animals.

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