District 205 Investigates Brawl

ROCKFORD-The East-Jefferson Regional basketball game was a thriller. What happened moments after the final buzzer sounded was a nightmare.

A last second game winning shot by Jefferson Tuesday night was followed by handshakes and then chaos.  Tempers flared during the postgame handshakes. There were shoves, and punches and adults came flying out of the stands.

"Everything everybody is talking about today (Wednesday) is what happened afterward instead of the game that took place," says Jefferson coach Todd Brannan. "I think it’s very unfortunate."

District Administrators spent Wednesday morning investigating what happened.

"We’ve reviewed four different pieces of video as well as about 40 statements that we took and that came in throughout the morning," said District 205 Director of Athletics Mat Parker.

The officials and coaches might have gotten things under control if the incident had been contained to the players.  But when the fans got involved it was simply too much to handle.

"The coaches made every attempt to stop the situation. There will be no coach discipline handed out," says Parker.

The IHSA has also become involved.  It’s investigating the incident.  Those players involved in the brawl face possible suspensions.
This incident comes on the heals of what started off as a proud day for Rockford School District 205 when Auburn graduate Fred Van Vleet was named was named the Missouri Valley Conferences outstanding player of the year.

Parker says the brawl is not indicitive of how things operate in District 205.

"99.9 percent of the time our student athletes, coaches, community members and parents act in a professional manner. This incident does not define or depict what is occurring in Rockford Public Schools."

The only security at North Wednesday was a few North administrators. North Director of Athletics Jody Flynn says a request has been made with the Boone County Sheriff's Department to have four Sheriff's Deputies at Friday's Regional Championship game between Jefferson and Huntley.

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