African American World War Two Veteran Shares His Story

- Rockford-One hundred and two year old Sergeant Travis Green answered questions to Auburn high school students. It is part of the Auburn Veterans Project.

It gives Stateline Vets who fought for our freedom a chance to speak to students while being videotaped doing so.

Sgt. Green is one of the oldest African American World War Two veterans living.

Auburn High School Teacher Terry Gano says obviously African Americans were treated a lot differently in World War 2 then the whites were so we want to get the perspective of what it was really like because a lot of the stories weren’t told.

Green was drafted into the military along with his three brothers. He says there was a lot of racial tension in the military during his service.

Sgt. Green says we’d get into fights. Like we’d get into scraps and all that.”

Green was honored to be able to share his story with the students

Auburn Veterans Project is looking for more vets to speak. If you know anybody who is interested you can email Terry Gano at

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