AFSCME Workers Investigating Possible Removal From Timekeeping System

Some say it's too coincidental for their first day back after strike

ROCKFORD - The three Rockford School District 205 unions that went on strike last week are investigating reports workers were removed from the district's time clock system.

The unions wouldn't outright accuse the district, but, one worker told us she thinks it's a little too coincidental.

The unions returned to work today after striking for three days last week.

But, when they tried to start their day, some members say they couldn't clock in.

We received calls at the station from employees who say they encountered the same problem.

AFSCME has filed a FOIA request to find out who blocked AFSCME employees from the system.

They're also asking who authorized the clock-in rejections, and when this decision was actually made.

We spoke with one paraprofessional who says she doesn't think she was accidentally removed from the timekeeping system.

"Coordinated. It seemed like it was coordinated on their end," said vocational paraprofessional Devonna Foat. "I don't know, to rile us up again, or see what we're going to do about it. But it's all the same, that we're going to stick together and we're going to call you out on what you're doing. No holds barred."

Foat says she emailed their attorney, RPS Superintendent Ehren Jarrett, and her union board to pass along the information.

We reached out to Rockford Public Schools, who told us this afternoon they hadn't heard anything about this problem yet.

The union and the district are embroiled in a contract dispute.

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