An Undercover Prostitution Sting Nets Seven Arrests in Rockford

- This is the latest in a series of prostitution stings in the area but local business owners and residents feel it is not enough. (see attached video)
After an under cover operation by the Rockford Police Department- these three women were arrested for prostitution.
Four other women were arrested for prostitution related offenses such as soliciting rides or improper walking on a roadway.

The Street Crimes unit has arrested dozens of women in several stings focused on the so-called nuisance crimes in Rockford's Geo-policing district two.

But residents say there needs to be constant police presence in the area.

"Prostitution is something that really affects our business considering that we're on the corner of Eighth and Broadway. They stand outside and sometimes customers can't get off because they see them their and they obviously know what they're trying to do and it honestly scares the customers," said Michelle Benitez employee at Novedades Michelle.

Benitez hopes to see many more prostitution stings because she says it remains a big problem in the area.

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