Artifacts from JFK's Presidency on Display in Roscoe

Museum in Roscoe is home to one of the largest displays of JFK memorabilia

ROSCOE - It's only been a few days since thousands of files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy were released to the public. The horrific day in our history has been shrouded in mystery for decades. One Roscoe museum says their hope is to teach the public about the tragic day through their exhibits.

Historic Auto Attractions in Roscoe is home to several one-of-a-kind objects from JFK's assassination.

"The museum has some items that this is the only place in the world [where] these items are actually presented," said Historic Auto Attractions historian Tony Farrell Sr.

From one of the Secret Service cars that was in Dallas the day of the assassination, to the flag that was placed over the President's casket during his funeral in the East Room, the museum's historian says Roscoe is home to one of the largest displays of JFK memorabilia in the country, and that draws in visitors from all over the world.

"Last weekend, I had families from Poland and Germany," said Farrell Sr. "The week before, I had a family from Australia."

The museum is also home to dozens of other items from Kennedy's presidency: the suit and watch he wore to the inaugural ball and a hair brush that once belonged to Jackie Kennedy.

Farrell says having the items on display takes visitors back in time  and preserves a moment in history. "We have many artifacts that tie in with all, and of course, it gives everybody an opportunity to see history right here in the stateline area."

Farrell adds he, along with the owner of the museum, hope visitors walk away with a better sense of all the history displayed inside. "We always do it with an education value that everyone coming in will leave understanding that educational value and will understand that this is all part of history and it's part of a learning experience for all."

The exhibit will stay open throughout November and will reopen again on Memorial Day.


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