Astronaut Says UFOs Exist

(Gaithersburg, MD) -- The truth is out there, the government just doesn't want to discuss it.

That's the position taken by the Paradigm Research Group which hosted a gathering of UFOlogists over the weekend and encouraged the media to attend a news conference.

At that gathering the "Washington Times" says a former astronaut announced "it is now time to put away this embargo of truth about the alien presence." The astronaut, Edgar D. Mitchell, is credited with the longest moonwalk in human history.

He told the media "we are not alone" and called on the U.S. government to open up and become part of the planetary community.

PRG founder Stephen Bassett is also asking the Obama administration to release all classified files about government contact with beings from other planets.

Meanwhile, another speaker at the conference, author and lecturer Dr. Roger Leir claims "multimillions" of humans have been abducted by aliens and that tiny devices have been implanted in them.

The doctor claims the gizmos are similar in concept to the way humans "tag" animals.

Tracking about 15-percent of a species, he says, results in enough knowledge to satisfy a scientific curiosity.

After the news conference, the now 79-year-old Mitchell was asked why a former astronaut would get involved in a group some might consider a part of the lunatic fringe.

He says he guesses they, quote, "figured I was reliable enough to carry their stories and not compromise them." And why haven't we seen proof of visitations? He says "we have that." It's just been covered up and denied by our government.

Mitchell says proof that we're not alone in the universe will be "pretty big news for we humans."

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