Aunt Charged With Abduction of Beloit Baby

- BELOIT-For police and the family of one-week old Kayden Powell, the ordeal is over after an intense search.

FBI Officials told media that they did not stop searching until they found Kayden.

“Thursday morning. We had police officers out all night checking every conceivable place along that route and that is part of what I think led to the safe recovery today.”

The baby was found in a tote bag swaddled in clothing outside a gas station along interstate 80 in West Branch Iowa. Police believe Kristen Smith took the baby from the home and headed towards Colorado. Officials think that she then dumped the child after relatives called asking if she had taken Kayden.

I knew the whole entire time that she took that baby. There was no doubt never in my mind that she did not take that baby.

For the family it is a huge relief that Kayden is safe and in route back to Beloit. Not knowing until this morning whether the baby was alive or dead.

Mark Bennet, the uncle of the baby’s mother said that he was not sure what Smith had done to Kayden.

“A lot of stuff went through my head. You never know what one delusional baby stealing lady will do.”

Although Kayden is with his family again, many unanswered questions remain.

Why was the 5 day old left to fend for him self in a bag outside of a gas station in below freezing temperatures?

Officials say they still do not know why or how long he was left out in the cold. 

The family says that they can not wait to have him back in their arms.

“Just hold him squeeze him kiss him love him.”

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