Three year old Landon Wilson has been a fighter since the day he was born. He was diagnosed with Cornelia De Lange Syndrome shortly after his birth. Doctors doubted his chances of making it. Landon's mother Crystal Wilson of Beloit Wisconsin says "he's had a lot of scares where they think he may not make it though the night, and had us prepare for that."


Landon's mother Crystal spends her days at home giving him around the clock care. Doctors say he may never walk, eat, or breathe on his own. His mother admires his courage. "He's gone though stuff that I don't think I can handle at times to tell you the truth. It's hard to watch."


Landon's closest doctor is seventy five miles away. The Wilson family hopes to win the National Mobility Awareness Month Contest. The association is giving away a van, which could help move Landon's medical equipment and wheelchair to doctor appointments.


When Landon's father is not working, his attention is devoted to Landon. He remembers when they almost lost him. "The first time he went though septic shock and he was in the room and he was ice cold and stiff as a board, and he had hardly any blood pressure, that was probably one of the scariest days of my life." Says Landon's father Shannon Kuhlow of Beloit.


Kuhlow hopes one day him and Landon can do father and son activities together. The family believes Landon will continue to fight. "He's made it though so much I know he's meant to be here and stay here." Says Crystal Wilson. Landon's father agrees. Kuhlow says "he's tough; he'll definitely be around a long time.


If you would like to vote for Landon, you can go to the website below and follow the instructions.


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