Beloit Man Escapes From Police Allegedly Runs Over Girlfriend

- ROCKFORD – “Shock total shock I can’t believe this happened” said Eric Cumberland, a resident of Beloit. He can not believe the chain of events at this home in his neighborhood that left one woman dead, and a man wounded by police.

“The couple was fighting, and told me that he took off and ran her over, and then I heard shots fired.” Said Cumberland

Beloit officers approached 40 year old Christopher Rutherford here after a report he was beating his alleged girlfriend 47 year old Sheila Rosenbaum. That is when police say he got in his van, and took off. “He was able to break free, he got into a motor vehicle when he was fleeing the scene of the incident he ran over the original victim.” Said

Scanner traffic recorded by a Beloit scanner group reveals what happened next "307 shots fired .... 307 shots fired ... van is last seen traveling southbound on elm ... I need somebody to get to it.”

Rutherford, who was wounded would crash his van into a tree about a block away and be taken into custody.

Neighbors told Eyewitness News that this was not the first time police have responded to this address, they said there have been fights before that have escalated in the front yard.

Captain Risse said domestic violence is becoming an epidemic in the Stateline area, and he wants victims to know that there is help available. “Domestic violence is a terrible issue, and yesterdays incident really brought it to a head”


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