Beloit Residents March Against Violence

Beloit- You can see it in their faces. Beloit residents fed up with crime and gang activity in their community. They are marching to put a stop to it.


Pastor Deloyde Sanders of New Life Ministries Church says "basically I decided it was time to make a movement. Time to make a difference."


Many of the marchers were wearing shirts in honor of Darisus Lowerey Baptiste. He was shot and killed by Beloit Police last month after a short chase.


An investigation showed the police were justified in the shooting. Lowery Baptiste's family members on hand were encouraged by the support.


Darius's father Daniel Baptiste says "by all these people showing up that something good will come out of his death because today he has a lot of supporters."


Santoria Black participated in a similar march in Beloit after the Rodney King verdict.


He no longer lives in the city, but he hates to see little progress has been made


Black says "to come back here over twenty years later and see that the community is facing some of the same, but more, but greater with drugs and the violence. It's so important for the leaders of the community to be out here."


But it's going to take the whole community to put forward that effort to change what's going on around them.


Sanders says "you can't do this by yourself. I can't do this by myself. I don't care how big your name is, we are going to help out everybody.


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