Belvidere Murder Suspects Still On The Run

A man was killed in cold blood at a shell gas station in downtown area. Again not to sound repetitious but the investigation is still ongoing."

He warns residents to notify police if the see the men, and do not try to stop them. Noble says "both of these men are considered armed and dangerous. Obviously they're scared. All the more reason we need to get them off the street."

Meanwhile at the Shell gas station, it's business as usual, but workers are still in shocked. An employee witnessed the murder, but did not want to go on camera due to safety concerns.

The worker says "I went outside, seen the guy who got shot on the floor, tried doing what I could to help, wasn't really much I could do. Then the cops came and it was a crime scene all day."

He says the victim visited the store frequently, and they developed a friendship. He says "That people are saying stuff about him saying he was a "gangbanger and all that, no he was not. He was a father of four. He was a good guy."

Noble says Herman was an innocent victim of gang violence from two men he says are dangerous and unpredictable.

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