Belvidere Police Get New Toys to Help Fight Crime

- Belvidere- The Belvidere Police Department unveiled three new vehicles in a press conference Wednesday afternoon. Two of the vehicles were K-9 crime fighting vehicles.

Deputy Chief David Ernest says “we can only do so much as policeman. You know K-9’s are so important sniffing out, you know trying to detect drugs in a vehicle that a normal human being wouldn’t be able to come up with.”

Earnest calls drugs a driving force for crime in the Stateline. He adds “obviously narcotics is the root of all evil. If we didn’t have drugs, we probably wouldn’t have crime, or that much of it.”

Belvidere’s Mayor Mike Chamberlain adds “a lot of crime statistics are directly related to drugs as you go up the ladder toward the actual dealer or the drug trafficker so having a zero tolerance policy for drugs as we do for gangs.”

The department also got new tactical response vehicles which will help their tactical team when going to areas of suspicious activity. The department has helped bust drug dealers both in, and out of the Stateline

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