Better Business Bureau Warns Stateliners of Job Opportunity Scams

- Rockford- Rockford resident Arianne Clarke created an account on the website to help find employment. Shortly after making her profile, she was contacted by a person named Deborah Shepherd about an accounting position with the company Sykes.

The interview was done through Yahoo Messenger and not face to face. The person used the screen name “PaulaBryan83.” Immediately after the interview, Clarke was offered the job.
Her husband did research and found out the person was attempting to scam his wife.

The culprit told her to buy accounting software from their vendor to get started, and she would be reimbursed with a check. Arianne Clarke adds “I think the idea was you would go ahead and purchase it, and by the time you realized the check had bounced, you would have spent all the money.”

The scammer would then end up with the person’s money. Dennis Horton of the Better Business Bureau says situations like Clarke’s are common. He suggest when a job sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Horton says “These positions can vary as the type, but they seem to offer a great salary with little work and no experience."

Clarke says she will be on alert for red flags while seeking potential employers going forward. Clarke adds. “You have to be careful who you give your information to, but you're kind of stuck because if you don't give out enough information, you're not going to find a position."

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