Bigger Future: Chicago-Rockford International Airport to Expand

- ROCKFORD -- The Chicago-Rockford International airport is about to get bigger.

Sun-kissed and shorts-clad, dozens of stateliners stuck out a bit at the Chicago-Rockford International Airport. And while the trip to Mexico is worthy of praise, so is the airport where they just landed.

"It's just a lot easier than O'Hare. Free parking, a lot closer to home," said one passenger.
"It was very quiet, hardly any crowds very easy to navigate through," said another.

Those rave reviews add up. On Monday, thousands of cars lined up in the parking lots. Now, RFD says it's time to expand.

"It was realized that we already have failure points in the existing building based on the passenger activity levels," said Amy Ott, Deputy Direct of the Chicago-Rockford International Airport. "And if we were to grow for the future, we would definitely be, [we would] not have enough room."

So to make room, the airport will tack on additional 25 thousand square-feet to the main terminal, and give the interior an over-all makeover.

"[It will] allow us to grow, continue to grow,  to bring new passenger activity to the airport, new destinations, more frequency, those are a few," said Ott.

The price tag sits at about 20 million bucks, but Ott says the FAA could fund as much as 80 percent of it.

"The ability to expand it will now improve our customor friendly, hassle free environment at the airport once we get through construction," Ott said.

Construction could begin as early as Fall of 2014.

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