Bomb Squad Shows Up At Rockton Home

ROCKTON, IL--What's typically a quiet neighborhood had residents worried last night, when a bomb squad showed up at their neighbor's home.

Rockton resident, Glenn Hetzer, was arrested at the scene.

Hetzer is charged with unlawful use of weapon--he had a device with more than 1/4 ounce of explosive in his home.

He was also in possession of jackrocks, cannabis, and drug paraphernalia.

Additionally, Hetzer was charged with possession of firearm and ammunition with a revoked FOID card.

"I mean the fact that he's got explosive devices there, you know, I guess the question is, what did he intend on doing with them?" said Mark O'Neal who is one of Hetzer’s neighbors.

According to neighbors, Hetzer has shown signs of destructive activity before.

O’Neal says, “you know, pulling out a snow mobile in your front yard and taking it apart and eventually setting it on fire, you know, I mean is that normal activity? No."

Police say they were also called to Hetzer’s house in 2010 under similar circumstances.

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