Boone County Board OK's Animal Service Expansion

BELVIDERE- A playful puppy by the name of Ivy is just one of the dozens of dogs that Boone County Animal Services has trouble housing.

"Our building has become outdated and we've outgrown our current shelter," said Boone County Animal Services and Adoption Center’s Jacqui Mitzelfelt.

The adoption center has no space for cats. Dogs that they take in often have to be fostered by people in the community. 

Angels 4 Animals Director Kathy Mehalko made the group's case to Boone County board members. They advocate for more funding.

The vote approves around $10,000 towards building a new facility. "The animals needing homes are becoming more populated and there are only so many rescues available to help the situation,” said Mehalko.

According to Boone County Board Member Marion Thornberry, the current facility doesn't meet state standards. The board conducted a feasibility study to figure out how much a new building would cost and what's needed.

"We do not want it to die again. Like it has in the past years we want to keep it out there so they don't keep kicking the can down the road," said Thornberry.

The vote passed unanimously. There is question to where the funds will come from. Board Chairman Bob Walberg suggested it be put on a referendum.

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