Boone County Residents Will Get to Vote on a New Animal Shelter

- Belvidere- The Boone County Board held a special meeting on Monday to decide whether or not to put the proposed, new Boone County Animal Shelter on a referendum. A new shelter would cost more that $700,000. 

Boone County Board Chairman Bob Walberg says, “If we put the money into a building, we will be taking away from other departments. It’s very important that we get the support of the community and ask them if they really want to make this kind of expenditure.”

County Board Member Marion Thornberry would rather see the county take out a loan to build a new shelter. He says new upgrades that the shelter would have would make paying off the loan easier. He does not think putting it on a referendum would be a good idea. 

Thornberry says, "The only reason they want it on a referendum is because when people see the word taxes, they automatically say no.”  

But Chairman Walberg is confident the voters will pass the referendum in November. Officials would like to see the shelter built on Route 76. They also say the tax increase would be minimal.

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