Boylan High School Make 9-Year-Old Girl 3-D Hand

- ROCKFORD - We shared a heartwarming story with you earlier this week about a 9 year old girl who was born with out fingers on her left hand, and thanks to Boylan High School and their 3D printer, Kylie will now have a prosthetic hand. Eyewitness News was there Friday when Kylie had her last fitting.

Kylie Wicker never thought she would see the day when she would look down at her small hand and see fingers. “Hers was just from a lack of blood flow to her hand, during the process of her hand growing, and it prevented it from fully growing” said Sharon Wicker, Kylies mom.

But thanks to Boylan High School and their 3-D printer, Kylie now has a prosthetic hand complete with five Purple fingers. Bud May, the engineering teacher at Boylan High School said he was excited and ready to help out. “I really did not know anything about this until Mr. Wicker came up with hey this is out there, could we help, so I went online and looked, and there it was, the complete design with a thirty page manual on how to do it, and put I  put it up to the kids, and we have gone with it.”

The prosthetic hand doesn't quite fit yet, and will need adjustments, but this story is so inspirational and heartwarming that it has gone viral, and was picked up by news organizations worldwide. “ABC News did an article on their website and then MSNBC we go there Monday.” Said Sharon Wicker

Mikey Rodriguez an Engineering Student in Mays Class at Boylan High School said he is majoring in Engineering in College next year, to help change peoples lives for the better.” This project really not only has been very good for all the students involved, but also for the community, and hopefully the rest of the world

For Kylie, it is a way to make the little things we all take for granted, easier. “It would always break my heart, to just see her eat a banana, and we would peel it back for her, she would start eating it, and she would squish it and it would fall off” said Jeromy Wicker, Kylie’s dad.

“I was really upset for her, but now, that she will be able to do those things, I’m really excited for her” said Kailyn Wicker, Kylie’s older sister.

Through tears of joy, Kylie Wicker said she hopes one helping hand, will lead to another “I’m happy because, then I can help other people.” 

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