Breast Yard Sale In Town Makes Their Goal


OREGON - The breast yard sale ever has now collected more than $100,000 to donate to
Cancer research, putting Oregon Illinois on the map in a big way. The breast yard sale team has worked countless hours to collect donations and sell items at their yard sale for over a decade, and now they have enough money to fund a new cancer research project which will help thousands all across the nation.

Hundreds of bras hang all around Karen Virnoche’s home in Oregon, Illinois. Attracting attention and bringing in people from across the Stateline--to what she calls the breast yard sale in town. “They figure it is something with breast cancer, this is actually money that goes to all cancers.” Said Virnoche

She is a four time cancer survivor and sells these undergarments, trinkets, and clothing so she can donate to cancer research run by the American cancer society. “Most of the people ask, how does the money get spent? And most of it is spent on research, and patient care” said Virnoche

Virnoche has organized this rummage sale in her barn for twelve years, and has now reached her goal of $100,000 which buys a grant for cancer research, which is quite an accomplishment. “It is just a really great feeling to meet the goal”

This is more than a rummage sale or fundraiser, it is also a way to connect with the community and hear their stories “I usually ask people how have you been I have not seen you since last year, how was your year. And they will say, well i was diagnosed with cancer this year. And then the story goes on.” Said Virnoche

Virnoche has put in countless amounts of hours and hard work to her yard sale-- and  has recieved love and support from her family and community during this 12 year process. Lauren Virnoche, told Eyewitness News she is happy to be a part of this fantastic accomplishment. “If everybody can just help in the way that they can, even if it is a small way, together you can accomplish one really incredible goal, which they did.”

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