Bruce Rauner Visits Rockford

- Broken promises... That's the message candidate for governor, Bruce Rauner, sent about Governor Quinn's integrity.

"He originally promised that he would oppose raising the income taxes above four percent and then turned around and raised them to five percent."

Rauner made the comments at Carnicería Guanajuato in south Rockford.

Hispanic voters are unhappy because what was supposed to be a temporary income tax plan of five percent, now governor Quinn wants to make it permanent.

"I think people can do a better job managing that money that would go to taxes rather then sending it to Springfield so they can organize it and say oh yeah we're going to put it for.. They said they were going to put it towards education and they didn't," said Caritina Mayer from La Voz Latina.

Another tax Rauner opposes is the progressive tax.

"The income taxes would be increased on everyone in Illinois who makes more than $12,500 per year. Everyone's taxes would rise, that would hurt working families," said Rauner.

Cardenas believes that even if one of the taxes passes it will hurt small businesses and the state for years to come.

 "The Illinois state budget is a wreck you know it's a train wreck. They over spent. Our legislators have over spent over the years so they don't... I think it's a matter of them having to prioritize, said Gloria Cardenas Cudia, Precinct Committeeman.

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