Burglaries on the Rise in Rockford Stateliners Asked to Lock Up Belongings.

- Rockford- Patrick Stewart works at McClure Engineering near hotels on the Eastside of Rockford. He says the place is always on the lookout for suspicious activity.

Stewart says “if we see people about, we let people know that somebody has been seen in the parking lot. Some people cut through our parking lots from the apartments nearby. We stay aware of it.”

They make sure their cars are locked. Rockford hotels on that part of town have been dealing with car thefts. Stewart says “we protect our equipment, make sure we take everything in everyday. Make sure all our vehicles are locked outside. Make sure nobody is leaving the business at night particularly some of our female employees unguided to their cars.”

Lt. Dane Person from the Rockford Police Department points out that thieves are actually targeting vehicles that are unlocked with the windows open.

On the car thefts Person says “the high volume of hotels and motels out of our east state corridor which brings in many out of town guest. Cars are parked in their lots and also because the volume of vehicles that’s parked out there, we have a lot of burglaries that take place.”

Residential burglary is also on the rise. People have been breaking into sheds and taking yard equipment which police say they are using to sell.

Police want residents to keep their doors locked and sheds closed to prevent burglaries.

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