Burritt Memorial Service Honors Stateline Veterans

Stateliners honoring local veterans at Burritt Cemetery. Veterans like Rockford resident Robert Babcock. He was the guest speaker.


Babcock says "when they talked about some of the names here in this cemetery and it was a lot of them that I knew, I was sort of surprised."


Babcock was drafted into the army during World War Two. He served as a tank driver. He considers it an honor that he got a chance to serve his country.


Babcock says "I was just happy to serve and proud of it. It's sad that so many of my buddies passed away."


Babcock will always take part in Memorial Day services, in honor of those who lost their lives for our country.


The Burritt Memorial Service be been apart of Burritt for almost twenty years. It includes live music, and readings by volunteers.


Volunteer Richard McCray says "there's a strong patriotic spirit that runs throughout the community and it's considered quite a privilege. This is one of the highlights of the Burritt Area, this program.


They know that Memorial Day is not about cookouts, but honoring veteran sacrifices.


McCray says "People need to remember what Memorial Day stands for. It's not just a holiday.


Volunteer Sue Crandall says "it means a great deal to me. Freedom, liberty, the ability to speak your mind.

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