Business Owners React to Makeover of Amerock Building

- ROCKFORD – Many believe a new hotel in downtown Rockford would economically benefit the area, and business owners tell Eyewitness News they agree.

"I believe that the hotel would not only help me but the business around, people that come into the hotel will walk around and probably come into the store and boost my sales," said Martha Delgado, owner of Isa’s Boutique in downtown Rockford.

A few residents have seen other projects come and go in the last 15 years.

"I’m glad they approved it. I hope that financially it works out. It sounds like a big undertaking and I hope that they have money after they put all the money into this building that they still have money to do other projects," said Sam Pirrello, landlord of a building on South Main street.

Nevertheless, some believe more needs to be done in order to improve the city.

"Bring more stuff down there that brings more crowds like runners, sports, some kind of event it'll make downtown more festive," said Lucy Tan, owner of a Happy Wok restaurant.

The project would cost $70 million, but the city will only have to pay $18 million. A vote in City Council is expected next Monday.

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