Buying Lottery Tickets Online bad for Local Businesses?

After a long day of work, Dianna Recoy does not have the patience to wait in line for a lottery ticket. So she buys them online. "I think it's really convenient for people that you know work a lot of long hours. Business owners like myself." Said Recoy of Freeport.


Illinois is the first state to allow lotto players to buy tickets online. Those internet sales stated one year ago. Dianna does not think it has impacted small businesses much. "They might lose a little bit of sales, but I don't think it's going to be a huge impact as some people would think." Says Recoy


Local businesses do not feel the same as Recoy. Marathon Gas Station Owner Reedy Sarat says "maybe they're good for Illinois lottery, but it is not good for our small businesses as far as I know."


That is why the Illinois Retail Merchants Association has been conducting studies about online lotto sales and its economic impact. Reedy Sarat says at least half of his customers buy tickets, and those sales go towards funding his store. 'We sell more lottery tickets, we get more increments on the inside business. The gas business and whatever type cigarettes and tobacco we try to sale, so we can make money."


Sarat hopes Stateliners continue to buy lottery at his store, for the sake of his business. "If they won't buy lottery, then how can we make a profit?" Says Sarat.



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