Byron Residents Still Dealing with Heavy Flooding

Driving under Byron's flooded bridge is just one of the headaches caused by flooding. Houses are surrounded by flood waters, cars are stuck, and some residents have to use boats just to get out of their own houses.


People here say they have never seen flooding like this. Jody Newhausen of Byron says "there is over four inches of water in our house and it's still standing."


Newhausesn and her husband are commuting by rowing on a boat back and forth to collect items. She says her septic tank ruined. They plan on staying in a Rockford Hotel until the water recedes.  "It smells like sewer, says Newhausen, I have to wear boots at all times. It's just a very sad sight.


She and her husband do not plan on moving to higher grounds. "We love the river. It's beautiful out here, when there's not water." Newhasuen says.

Tom and Luann Knudson spent the day checking out the very high water, and being respectful of those who are suffering from it.

Tom Knudson says "as long as you're not invading somebody's privacy, I don't think it's a bad thing."

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