Caledonia Dog Breeder under Fire from Animal Activists

CALEDONIA- “Blood on the ground and rows of stacked cages,” Brandy Semonich describes what she saw while visiting Lettier Kennel.

"We went through the rest of the kennel there was a pug dragging its body across the floor it could hardly walk. Extremely skinny English Bull Dogs with the excuse that it is the blood line that causes them to be skinny," said Semonich.

Semonich grew up around the dog breeding business; her family owns Old Style Kennels in Capron.

"She invited us to come because she told us that her kennel is pristine and it's beautiful, it's wonderful," said Semonich.

She says the garage that houses the dogs at 1121 Route 173 is a far cry from wonderful.

"When she fed the dogs, my mom actually helped her put it in the cages and they were eating so fast I thought they were going to choke," explained Semonich.

Yet the breeder is still licensed by the state and county. So as the women left they sought the support of Angels 4 Animals.

Angels 4 Animals is a group that will protest at Kim Lettier's next court appearance. She’s charged with aggravated battery after a Boone County Animal Control employee visited her business.

"She’s doing this out of her garage. The neighbors had no idea of the horrors that are going on inside the garage. Puppy mills are in your backyard and you might not even know it," said Angels 4 Animals Director Kathy Mehalko.

Their mission is to stop puppy mills like Kim Lettier's. And bring awareness to the public and politicians about this growing issue.

Kim Lettier will appear in court on Friday, February 21st at the Boone County Courthouse.

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